KV-10 Designed for  precise  balancing,  from  particularly  small rotating  units to max,  10 kg rotors.  For example:  turbochargers, rotating units of household  equipments etc. The maximum diameter of  the rotating unit to be balanced is 350 mm,  span of bearing 40-450 mm. The rotating  unit of the machine is propelled by belt, the  unbalance position is calculated photo  electronically. Its diagnostic unit is the CKM  - 2000.1 Computerised Balancing  Measuring Unit (CKM).  KV-20 Model KV- 20    The maximum  propelling unit  to be balanced  is 20 kg in  weight and  440 mm in  diameter, with  a bearing span  of 450 mm. Machine units assembled  together with holding parts can also be  balanced, for example electric engine  together with platform. The bearing  brackets can be hard vibration systems. In  the belt-driven driving mechanism the  engine contains a 3-stage band-wheel, 2  guiding rollers and a tension-roller. On  request we can supply it with different  version upgraded drive is ordering. After  switch off, countercurrent stopping the  rotor. The photo sensor is held horizontally  by a stand behind the propelling unit. The  unbalance position is shown by a white  edge painted on the propelling unit. Its  diagnostic unit is the CKM - 2000.1  Computerized Balancing Measuring Unit  (CKM).  SVV-100 With the use of  this machine it  is possible to  balance  propelling units  to the maximum  of 100 kg in  weight and 900  mm in diameter,  with a bearing span of 1000 mm, moreover it  is adaptable to machine units assembled  together with holding parts. The balancing  machine consists of two measuring bases  tightened to the platform of the machine a reel  case equipped with an engine placed at the  left side of the platform and the CKM - 2000.1  Computerized Balancing Measuring Unit.   There are two T-shaped notches caved into  the rear side of the platform, enabling to  mount the stand of the equipments used for  assisting the balancing procedure, for  example drills, spot-welding tools etc.  The  bearing brackets can be hard vibration  systems. In the reel case the engine and the  heavy-current electrical control unit can be  found. The main reel rotates the propelling  unit with a cardan axle inserted. CKM-2000.1 szoftware Kiegyensúlyozó padjaink mellé a már  sokéve bizonyított képességű számí-  tógépes programot kínáljuk a minél maga-  sabb színvonalú munkavégzés támoga-  tására. Regarding balancing ask our professionals. 100% Hungarian developement and manufacturing company.