Designed for universal balancing machines as a diagnostic unit. The CKM -2000.1 Computerised Balancing Measuring  Unit consists of a Personal Computer, color monitor, keyboard, printer, vibration sensors, reference relay and a balancing  software. It is adaptable to every old and new, every type of cardan or belt driven balancing machines, for example the  Hungarian BHE, BKE, BH és BK, the former GDR made AM type, the German Schenck, Hofmann, Losenhausen,  Reutlinger, the Italian Rava and all Soviet made models. Connected to an old balancing machine the result will be the most  modern balancing machine. The machine is capable of serving for two balancing machines simultaneously, for example a  bigger and a smaller machine. In this case the price of one measuring unit can be saved. We use this measuring unit not  only for the old balancing machines, but for the latest models too. The most accurate balancing of the propelling parts can be performed in accordance with the ISO 1940/1 directive. Apart  from calculating the normal unbalance, it is able to perform special measuring tasks; separating static and moment  unbalancing; unbalancing with resetting, with compensation, unbalancing on a guest axle; eliminating the effect of driving  cardan; dissociate vectors etc. The most appropriate balancing technology can be selected for the propelling unit; the  operator can adjust the position between the correction planes and the suspension points, inside or outside the suspension point; coordinates of the display for example: polar, rectangular, oblique-angled, spoke-based, rearrangable coordinates.  The data can be displayed in grams, depth, length of cylinder, prism length, number of pillows  and in other measuring units proportional to unbalance. The measuring unit is able to create a  certificate automatically in case of precise measuring, it archives the data, creates a log,  calculates the performance of the user etc. It is not necessary to have computer skills. Datasheet With filling in a data form,  the measuring unit can be adjusted to the propelling unit to be  balanced.  The data form contains the identification and geometric data of the propelling unit,  the technological instructions of the balancing, and also the maximum residual unbalance  value. The measuring unit stores the data form.  CKM-200.1 program properties Regarding balancing ask our professionals. 100% Hungarian developement and manufacturing company.